25 Constipation Causes You Should Be Aware of and How to Avoid Them



Undoubtedly, ailments related to the digestive system are the worst when it comes to your daily life. They are easily capable of ruining your entire day.

One such disorder is constipation. Most people are shy about talking what trouble constipation causes. They don’t discuss what leads to it or what to do about it. Most people are in fact not even aware that constipation has remedies.

There are various factors that cause constipation, but here are some of the leading causes of the menace that is constipation. We also discuss some ways to avoid falling prey to this ghastly disorder in this article.

1. A Lack of Fiber in Your Daily Diet

lack of fiber in your daily dietConstipation is caused when the content of fiber in your diet is low. Fiber plays an important role in helping your motions pass smoothly.

Fiber comes two kinds, soluble and insoluble. Each of them helps maintain the ideal content of water and mass in the waste that the body generates.

This is why banana is one of the best constipation cures. The fiber content in the fruit heals you quickly. Various kinds of nuts and berries are also good for a constipated tummy.

2. You’re Simple Not Hydrating Enough

Presence of water is an integral part of excretion from the body. Without water, the mass of waste will not be able to find its way out of the body in a smooth manner.

Water is what enables the flow of bowels out of the digestive tract. Therefore, if you are not well hydrated regularly, there are chances you will develop constipation.

Such constipation even causes acne eventually. Drink lots of water to avoid and treat constipation. You may even have nutritious fruit juices time and again to break the monotony.

3. You’ve Tried Certain Slimming Diet Regimens

Slimming Diet RegimensDiet and constipation are clearly closely related. A change in your diet will have an impact on your bowel movements. A sharp cut off in food intake can cause constipation.

In fact, slimming diets are amongst the most common sudden constipation causes. In women particularly, crash diets can have an effect on the bowels given the hormonal imbalances as well.

If you are going on a diet, it is advisable to reduce food intake gradually. Further, make sure to have fiber and essential nutrients in your diet.

4. You’re Taking a Specific Type of Medication

Constipation is one of the most common side effects of a lot of medicines. These include prescription and over-the-counter medicines like pain killers, iron supplements, muscle relaxants and anti-depressants.

The effect of medicines is also one among sudden constipation causes. The worst problem is that even medicine for common ailments like colds, sometimes leads to constipation.

Despite the embarrassment that it may cause you, it is important to know if your medicine will cause constipation. This is especially important when administering medicines to kids.

5. You’re in One of the Stages of Pregnancy

PregnancyAs mentioned earlier, hormonal imbalances have a huge impact on the bowel movements of a woman. In addition to hormonal irregularities, pregnancy is also characterized by expansion of the uterus.

Further, certain medical supplements taken during pregnancy are also constipation causes. These factors together prevent the waste from flowing out of the body smoothly.

When pregnant, make sure you have a fibrous diet. You should also drink lots of water and avoid all supplements that don’t suit you. You should also keep away from stimulant laxatives as far as possible.

6. You Have Childbirth Related Issues

Postpartum constipation is a real problem that women deal with. Even those who have not experienced such a problem during pregnancy can encounter constipation post childbirth.

A long period of labor before delivering, without food, is one among the most chronic constipation causes. In the event of a C-section as well, it can take a couple of days before your bowel movements can regularize again.

Other factors pertaining to childbirth are also causes of constipation. These include fear of more pain, sore perineum, postpartum depression, and systematic narcotics.

7. You’re Suppressing the Urge to Defecate

Holding in your bowelsHolding in your bowels can cause a lot of problems. It can cause pain, tightening of stools, and even death in extreme cases. Constipation is a major consequence, too. Not letting out stools on time is one of the leading bloating and constipation causes. Even if it is an embarrassing situation, you must muster the courage and go when you need to go.

The habit of holding in leads to constipation for longer periods of time. Further complications can then develop including ruptures in the excretory tract.

8. You Have Overused Stimulant Laxatives in the Past

An abuse of laxative stimulants is characterized by bowel problems like diarrhea or constipation. Stimulant laxatives make the intestinal muscles contract. But over time, laxatives can damage these nerves.

As a result of using them too much, your colon can develop complications. The muscles will turn weak and not function as they should. There will be a lot of strain, again causing constipation.

Constipation is one of the earliest results of laxative overuse. But if left unattended, this dependence can cause hemorrhoids or urinary infections or other severe diseases.

9. Your Body is Not Producing Enough Thyroid Hormone

thyroidThyroid in the body produces hormones which have a bearing on metabolism. It affects how fast or slow your digestive functions are carried out.

A classic case of an under active thyroid is when you are constipated. The lack of thyroid hormones, leads to weakening of intestinal muscles.  These muscles, which contract in the intestines, are what help the stools pass.

It is important that you get your thyroid checked regularly, particularly if you’re a woman. If you experience constipation but are unable to find the cause, then you must get a check-up.

10. Menstrual Periods at Times

Among a host of other problems women deal with during menstruation, constipation is sometimes one, too. The most obvious link between menstruation and constipation is the hormonal changes.

However, factors including change in eating or drinking habits during your periods can also cause constipation. The trick is to maintain a good routine and diet even during your cycle.

This is not a common case among women. But there are still a considerable number of women who go through this regularly. They are even oblivious to this connection.

11. You Use Some Kind of Antacid Medication

antacid medicationAntacids are commonly-taken medicines. They are used to treat acid reflux diseases. Many people take them without realizing what they can do to the body.

If the antacid you’re taking contains calcium or aluminum, you have something to worry about. Even certain over-the-counter antacids can cause constipation. Never take them without proper prescription.

Be sure to read the leaflet that accompanies your medicine carefully. Antacids can even cause diarrhea if they contain magnesium. The bottom line is to be weary of antacid medicines.

12. Your Colon Has Been Affected by Cancer

Constipation is one of the most identifiable symptoms of cancer in the colon. Cancer can cause obstruction of particles in the colon. This in turn will lead to constipation.

Colon cancer is also one among chronic constipation causes. Studies have found that colorectal cancer is more common in patients who suffer from constipation. This link is still debated though.

This is not the first conclusion drawn when one gets constipated. But colon cancer could be a possibility if the case of constipation is severe and the cause unidentified.

13. You Consume a Lot of Dairy Products

dairy productsA large part of the population is lactose intolerant. Some are mildly intolerant, while others have it more severe. Consuming dairy products is always a tricky affair for the digestive system.

Most people who are lactose intolerant suffer from diarrhea. However, consumption of milk when one is allergic to it also leads to constipation. The indigested milk affects the colon’s ability to function.

Many create a strict line of distinction between lactose intolerance and milk intolerance. Studies do suggest though that milk can cause constipation.

14. You Suffer From One of the Many Disorders Pertaining to Eating

Eating disorders of all kinds have one thing in common. They all mess with your regular food habits. This disruption in proper food intake is enough to cause constipation.

Lack of fiber and water will lead to constipation. The body needs enough matter to produce waste. By starving it or flooding it, you are preventing it from doing its job.

You may be surprised to know that in some cases constipation causes weight gain. This will hold true if you’re suffering from over eating.

15. Irritable Bowel Syndrome

irritable bowel syndromeIrritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a disease that is characterized by severe abdominal pain and irregular stool passing. Constipation is one of the symptoms of IBS.

IBS is a more serious disease than a regular case of constipation. You should not self-diagnose and must visit a doctor to check you up properly and prescribe the right medicines. Some good medicines available are Digestive Science IBS Relief System and products by Himalaya.

There are a few more reasons for the pain. These include sensitive nerves in the intestines and over absorption of fluid in the colon.

16. You Suffer From Certain Neurological Conditions

Neurological conditions are those which pertain to the brain and the nerves. Neurological instability can have a huge impact on passing of motions, just the way it can affect any other bodily function.

This as a trigger of constipation can generally be seen in elderly people. People suffering from Parkinson’s disease or multiple sclerosis are found to have constipation, too.

The cause for constipation in neurologically unstable patients is the lack of neuro-muscular coordination. Further, certain drugs to treat these conditions also cause constipation.

17. You May Not Be an Active Person

You May Not Be an Active PersonThe rate of metabolism of the body and bowel movements are closely related. Not working your body regularly or not being active can thus have consequences.

If you do not exercise, you are not providing your digestive system the right momentum to carry on its processes. Exercise helps the large intestine process the food faster while retaining requisite moisture.

Exercise also enables the nerves in your digestive system to function better. The supply of oxygen to the body when you exercise is also amazing for your body.

18. You Suffer From Problems with Your Digestive System

Unfortunately, there are lots of diseases that can affect the human digestive system. A lot of them cause rupturing of the walls of the digestive tract. In addition, there are also other disorders. These affect the ability of the muscles and nerves in the digestive system to function well. There are no specific causes noted in this regard.

When they cannot function to their best capacity, they are unable to pass the matter smoothly. The waste therefore gets collected or interrupted midway causing constipation.

19. You’re Not Dealing with Stress Well

stressStress too plays an important role in maintaining a healthy bowel routine. It is one of the main bloating and constipation causes around the world. Directly, it is difficult to establish the link between stress and constipation. Indirectly however, stress can affect your eating habits, which in turn can take a toll on your bowel routine.

It’s a myth that constipation cures itself. If you do not deal with your lifestyle and de-stress yourself, the problem will aggravate. The stress and the constipation will only get worse.

20. Your Body is Lacking Some Kinds of Nutrients

It’s true that we are taught as children that we must eat foods rich in nutrients. But you must realize that nutrients should be taken as per one’s body requirements. It is not standardized across persons. Some kinds of nutrients don’t suit one’s body, especially if the dosage is not right.

Calcium and iron particularly can have bad effects on bowel movements. Too much calcium can cause diarrhea and iron can cause constipation. You must have a truly balanced diet that contains the right amount of nutrition.

21. You Could Be Suffering From Depression

depressionNot eating food or eating too much food is common signs of depression. These habits, in turn, have an effect on the digestive system. Such unorganized eating habits can cause constipation.

Patients of depression lose their appetite and are unable to eat. Even if they eat, they are unable to digest the food well. In the bargain, the whole digestive process gets disrupted.

There is therefore a real connection between depression and constipation. Depression in females is even caused by hormonal changes at times. This causes constipation too.

22. You Could Be Suffering from Diabetes

There is enough on record to show that diabetes and constipation are sometimes connected. Some suggest that neuropathy is the reason behind the occurrence of constipation in diabetic patients.

Diabetes causes damage to the nervous system operating within the digestive system. Therefore, the waste may stay in the colon longer than it should, thereby causing constipation.

The only way to tackle this is to live a healthy lifestyle. Avoid fat, sugar, and junk food. Drink lots of water and consume herbs like aloe vera that are good for your stomach.

23. You Are Either Under or Over Your Target Weight

Your Target WeightThe connection between weight and bowel habits is indirect. Studies suggest that just by being under weight or over weight, you do not get constipation.

However, these weight conditions point towards certain eating habits of individuals affected by the same. Surveys suggest that people who are obese due to eating unhealthy are more likely to develop constipation.

People who eat less and are underweight don’t take in enough food for digestion. Therefore, they too are susceptible to constipation problems. It is important to maintain the right eating habits.

24. You Consume Too Many Foods High in Fat or Sugar

Among other dietary aspects that pertain to causing of constipation is food rich in fat or sugar. Highly fatty food and increased amounts of sugar intake are harmful for the digestive process.

The problem with excessively fatty food is that it slows down your digestion. It takes time to break down. They are low on fiber content, as well. Same is the case with food containing excess sugar. You compromise on healthy food you can take in when you binge on fat and sugar.

25. You Enjoy Too Much Alcohol or Caffeine

Too Much AlcoholTime and again, for various reasons, we have all been warned against caffeine and alcohol. And the fact that they are addictive makes things only worse.

Another reason to add to the list is their tendency to cause constipation. Both these intoxicants tend to dehydrate the body a lot. Dehydration in turn affects the stool. It hardens it and causes difficulty in passing.

You must avoid alcohol and caffeine at any cost. They damage your digestive system permanently, bit by bit before you even realize.

Ways to Free Yourself from Constipation Woes

Once you know what is causing you to be constipated, you will know exactly what to do about it. Figure out what part of your routine is not suitable for you. Then change your habit accordingly and see how much better you feel.

If you want to avoid going through all the pain that constipation causes, take good care of your lifestyle. Remember that your body is only as damaged as you let it be.

Having an unhealthy tummy is indeed annoying. Eat healthy, stay fit, and develop a good routine to keep your stomach free from constipation woes.



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