The Relation Between Peanut Butter And Ibs



Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS is a symptom that occurs to people in their intestinal tract. People that experience IBS feel cramps, leaky gut, gas, diarrhea and a variety of other symptoms inside their stomach. This is a very uncomfortable feeling that is hard to eliminate Most people with severe IBS have anxiety issues and can wind up getting depression.

It is very uncomfortable to live life with IBS so it is a good idea to know what can cause it to trigger in your body. If you live with IBS then you are going to want to test things such as peanut butter and other food items out on your body. Tests are the only way you can determine what does and doesn’t cause IBS.

Although peanut butter might not directly cause you IBS you could feel the symptoms of this disorder when you eat peanut butter. Many times people that experience IBS have an overgrowth of bacteria in their intestinal tract. This means that they should go on a cleanse or diet to get rid of all that bacteria.

It is recommended for a person to clear out their body for two weeks with probiotics and then to start introducing foods again. Eat a bit of peanut butter to see if you start to feel the symptoms of IBS.

If you start to feel cramps, gas, or other IBS symptoms then it is possible that peanut butter is one of the many foods that contributes to your IBS. Keep in mind that this food alone is not the sole reason why you are experiencing this discomfort. There are dozens of foods that are probably causing you to feel IBS.

Know your triggers and you can help relieve a lot of your IBS symptoms. If peanut butter is something that triggers your IBS then you are going to want to stay away from it. Add this food item to your list. Also keep in mind how much peanut butter you eat before you start to feel intense symptoms. If your body can handle a small dose of peanut butter then you may only be able to eat one peanut butter and jelly sandwich instead of two.

Figure out your tolerance and you may be able to still enjoy peanut butter without having to get rid of it from your body. There are not a lot of people that experience IBS as a result of peanut butter intake. But if you are someone that feels this food is harming your body negatively then eliminate it from your diet. There is no reason why you should have to suffer from IBS.

Think about the other foods that you eat when you eat peanut butter. What about the bread that you eat? Or the jelly? If the only time you have ever eaten peanut butter is with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich then you are going to want to do a true test to see if this food harms you or not. Eat only a table spoon of peanut butter and see how you feel.

If your IBS symptoms do not trigger then it may not be the peanut butter that is harming you. In all actuality you have a higher chance to have jelly or the bread to cause your IBS symptoms to flare.

This is because jelly is acidic and full of sugar. The same goes for bread, it is rich with sugar. Sugar is known to cause the symptoms of IBS to flare up to intense levels when an individuals eats a heavy amount. Limit your sugar intake and you may still be able to eat peanut butter.

You may think it is not fair that you cannot enjoy peanut butter while others can eat whatever they like. If you are serious about getting your IBS in control then there is a way you may be able to still eat peanut butter. Exercise as much as you can to help strengthen your body. This is a good way to help build up your immune system and for your body to combat the symptoms of IBS.

As mentioned earlier try your best to go on a cleanse. You should notice after the first cleanse that during it most of your IBS symptoms were gone. This is because you are clearing out your body of toxins and giving it time to heal.

If you can practice extremely healthy eating habits for one to two months. This should give your body a lot of time to heal and to eliminate most of the IBS symptoms you experience. You may be able to introduce peanut butter back into your body but not a lot of other foods. Do your best on the fight against IBS and you can see real results.


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